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The Elastic Wasteband????

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The Wasteband started 20 years ago, when our drummer, Paul, called a few of us and said..."Hey, lets get a band together. I already have a name for us...The Elastic Wasteband!"

Well, who could resist, with a name like that? So we got together in Paul's basement, and the rest is history.

Though we have gone through many and various personnel changes, the core of the group has remained, and we have stayed true to our original concept...


Tom Brightman

"Michael J. Fox"

An early member of the band, Tom left in the early 90's, moving to Vail, Colorado to run a ski shop. When he tired of that life of luxury, he moved back here to hone up on his environmental management skills. Luckily for us, he came back when we desperately needed a good trumpet player. It was as if he never left.

Kevin Liney

Kevin began filling in for our original lead vocalist when he took a sabbatical in South America. We're still wondering what happened to him. Kevin is as comfortable singing Frank Sinatra as he is belting out a Goo Goo Dolls tune. He always keeps the crowd rockin with his "animated" stage presence.

Dave Murphy


Murph joined the band a few years ago after filling in a few times for Mike or Milt when they were unable to play, for whatever lame excuses they came up with. A master of his instrument whether playing lead or rhythm, there isn't a song he can't figure out.

Mike O'Malley

"Little Mikey"

An original member of the band, Mike's seen it all. The good gigs and the bad...the sane band members and the wackos. Through it all, he just keeps playing...cause that's what he does.

Fred Peirce


We've gone through many, many keyboard players, but none have been quite like Fred. A mild mannered HR manager by day... a crazy, wild, wing bowl going, sports loving, key banging, song singing, walking jukebox being maniac by night. Nobody plays the keys like Fred.

Paul Quigley

"Quigs......" "Little Paulie" "Peiffer"

The man who brought it all together...believe it or not. Paul is definitely the most sane member of the band, with his feet firmly planted on the ground. Never one to rush to a decision, Paul has been the calming influence on us all. And on top of that, he is a phenominal drummer...always playing quietly, in perfect time, and never, ever overplaying.

Mark Turosinski


An original member of the band, Milt has stayed and played through thick and thin. Always the first in the band to buy a new piece of equipment, he has shown us all how to be frugal and keep up with technology at the same time. A smokin' bass player, and a "strict" vegetarian, Milt keeps in shape by with a daily 5 mile run.

Jim Verrelli

"Slicked-back Fonzi"

Jim began with the band by sitting in on drums whenever Paulie would come out and sing. What a difference it made from when Lou tried to do that. From there he just kind of merged into the band playing percussion, and filling in the empty space. His claim to fame...he knows every line from every movie ever made.

Lou Verrelli

" The Hot Headed Italian"

An original member of the band, Lou soon made us "His" band... or so he tells us. He started as the original keyboard player, but quickly moved to sax, (thank God), where he blows with the best of 'em. Whether blowing a soulful melody or getting us gigs, he has been a pillar of sobriety for the rest of us. We all look up to him, and want to emulate him in every way.

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