The Elastic Wasteband

Scary Fun!!

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The Winter's are HOT and the Summer's are COOL with The Wasteband!

Enjoy Life. Party On Garth!! The Elastic Wasteband will make it happen. More Music, More Friends, The Most FUN in the Philly area. You and your guests, peeps, or patrons will NEVER FORGET a night with the WASTEBAND. Call the Wasteline or send us an e-mail for booking information.

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The Elastic Wasteband provides the highest quality music and entertainment for the best prices in the Philadelphia area.

Contact Us to get more information on what the EWB can do for you and your event.

Dance, Jam Out and ROCK with the Wasteband...your All Season's Band

Come join us in the Spring and Summer at some local bars and down the Jersey Shore!

And come out in the Fall and Winter to warm up to some hot music

We'll be jamming and partying so why don't you?

Come join the Wasteband with all your friends throughout the year! Rock out the seasons of 2018 and on. The Wasteband wants You!! Look to our Upcoming Gigs page for info on where we will be this year and when. Come join us for the best times a person can have.

Find out more about our music.

Our Music

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